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Joe's No Flats

Joe's No-Flats provides the bicycle market with the world’s most effective anti-puncture award-winning sealant. Our product line includesboth latex based and latex and ammonia free sealants, withtubeless solutions and accessories,self-sealing tubes,tubeless conversion kits,lubricantsbased on the most advanced Nano technology, excellent cleaners and bio-degreasers and more.

The Joe's No-Flats spirit of being a reliable, leading and innovative manufacturer is reflected in our products, and can be seen in the new and unique line of products that serve faithfully the professional bicycle riders worldwide.

Our drive to develop excellent products is based on two pillars:

1.Technology:We draw on decades of polymer-based product developments, technology and deep engineering knowhow. This strong tech background allows our research and development team to creatively develop products with excellent performance and unique adaptations to customer needs. At the same time we aspire to make our products green and environmentally friendly, and help preserve our beautiful outdoors.

2.We love biking!We believe nature and the outdoors is where we should be, with a bike. Our customers enjoy riding their bikes in the remote outdoors, on easy or tough terrains. Some of them love to ride on beautiful, winding paved roads, or go downhill at amazing speed. Some just want to use their bike to go to work or use them in the city as the best transportation system. Others are competing with their bikes in the Olympic games or world cup races.

What unites all our customers is the aspiration to focus on the ride itself, free of flats, with a well-maintained bike, and not on problems that will reduce the quality of your ride. All we do – day in and day out – is continuously improve our products to cater for that need, adjust our formulas to match the most advanced new tire compounds, and develop new and innovative products.

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