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Replacement for the traditional Star fangled washer and top cap. This clever device is easy to fit and makes headset adjustment effortless. Comes with laser etched top cap. Expanding wedge to fit 1.1/8" Steerer tubes.

NOTE, Before use take apart and grease all if the internal threads and surfaces that have to slide against one another (NOT the surface that will touch the inside of the steerer!), failure to do this will make it feel tight before it is. This makes it tempting to tighten even more, this is a light weight alloy bolt, it will snap if over tightened. Grease threads and surfaces and it will be fine.

Full fitting instructions can be found at www.hopegb.com in the Technical section.



• Expandable to 26.6mm
• To fit 1.1/8 steerer tubes
• Laser etched top cap. 

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