Retail is detail...

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Retail is detail - but maybe these days that is not enough...

We do our utmost to keep the shop looking fresh, clean, inviting; with well displayed stock, current products and some sale bargains. Experienced staff, trained mechanics and an ingrained love of all things bike are what drive the shop on... Check out our Meet the team blog here. Or what we do each day here.

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These days though it's often not quite enough to keep customers from the lure of internet pricing and almost instant delivery times.

I get it, I really do. I know it’s difficult to part with your hard earned cash these day, it's a difficult time, money is tight and you want the best for your money - I do too! But I also want bike shops to continue to exist, I love working in this industry and the characters and great friends that do too.

So, give us a chance.

You want that shiny stuff, but XYZ has it cheaper online? Give me a call, pop in to the shop and just ask... If we can we will, if not we'll get as close as we can - just ask - give us a chance to keep it local and keep bike shops open! Hell, we'll even make you a brew - the banter and p*** taking is for free...

Don't be shy - if we can price match we will - and if we can't we'll be honest and tell you why! It won’t always be yes, but we’ll do our best.

Our aim is to deliver the best service we possibly can. The most honest advice, educated opinion, best products and a coffee and a laugh too!

Give us a shout next time you're shopping - Ron makes a pretty good brew.

Looking forward to seeing you in store soon!

Thanks for your continued custom and support - Paul