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We’re a small close knit team here at Escape Bike Shop, here’s a bit about us, what we ride, love and hate about bikes…


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Paul runs the shop, and trys to keep Tom out of the biscuit box…his days are spent doing all sorts - everything from staffing to ordering shiny products, custom builds, and fending off advertising calls. In between all that he gets to spend time with you lovely people discussing and advising you on your next purchase.

Having been around the bike industry since 1999 and riding everything from single speeds, road bikes and big bouncy mountain bikes and with the occasional jaunt cycling round foreign lands for months at a time Paul can certainly give you some quality advice whatever it is you are looking for.

Currently Rides:  An ancient Kona Unit 29 Singlespeed and the poshest hybrid in the world - a converted Ritchey 650b - 700c bastardised touring bike.

Loves: Riding a long, long way, until he can't ride anymore- then riding some more... in rain, mud and slop until it really hurts...

Hates: Finishing a wet, muddy ride and having to deal with all that stuff... brexit, the failure of society and the education system...


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Tom is our workshop manager and Mechanic, he has a wealth of knowledge garnered from his years fettling bikes. He spends his days building new bikes for the shop, fixing mangled mechs and servicing forks and loves building custom spec bikes.

Tom can help you with all your biking needs whether it be servicing advice, shopping help or technical queries - just remember, don’t try to out geek the geek!

Currently Rides: Transition Transam 650b Hardtail MTB, Cube Litening Super HPC Road Bike, Nukeproof Mega

Loves: Hike a bike action and long days out on the open fell. Biscuits, Cake, sweets, anything left in the kitchen going for free…Bon Jovi look a like competitions, Rambo...

Hates: Working on dirty bikes - please wash them….


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Arawn - is from a land of rich cultural heritage and dragons, daffodils, leeks and sheep - which we remind him of pretty much constantly... He updates our website and does a bit of everything - booking in stock and selling stuff... Arawn has been around bike shops a fair while and has had everything from DH bikes to BMX and road bikes so can help you out with anything from clothing and equipment advice to setting up your forks and shocks.

Currently Rides: Whyte G-170 and a collection of rusty old 70s classics.

Loves: sheep, cake...

Hates: Tuesday mornings



Matthew is one of the owners and helps out in the shop from time to time. He loves bikes and rides fast everywhere. If you ever come across a blinged out Santa Cruz out on the trails it’s probably him, have a chat and talk bikes - just don’t try and beat him downhill…or uphill.

Currently Rides: Tricked out Santa Cruz Hightower LT with Santa Cruz Reserve wheels, Specialized Turbo Levo, Wilier Zero 7.