"Hello, my name's Paul and I'm an addict"

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It's one of those inevitable things, it's going to happen, you just don't know where, you don't know when, but it will happen...

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...you're going along, content in your own world, pottering round your regular bike shop haunts, knowing your fleet is complete and correct: MTB - check, Full-sus Enduro MTB - check, nice road bike (discs of course), winter hack, old school BMX for messing about at the track with the kids, maybe even an occasionally ridden singlespeed lurks in the corner of the garage next to the fatbike? But...then you overhear a snippet of conversation in the bike shop, or glimpse a press release and that's it, it happens.

You fall off the wagon!

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Long forgotten promises of "no more bikes", "this is the last one", "I don't need any more" fall by the wayside as you descend the slippery slope once more.

What follows is an intense need for information, a clamouring for more pictures, technical information, geometry details, release dates etc. You scour the internet, bombard your go-to-guy in the bike shop, spend countless hours on forums (even though you hate them) to piece together every shred of information as you compile the spec or breakdown the model variations to find the one that's next. The forever bike, the holy grail of bikes...

You hate yourself; disappointed again at your lack of will power as you eye the faces of your loved one's sideways looks and skulk off to the shed clutching research for hours on end.

It continues, for weeks...

The need never goes away, it's gnawing at your head and inside you the whole time. Distracted, you battle your way through the working week, with sneaky research when you can to get your fix. Tired, anxious, vague and disjointed you stumble on, muttering head tube angles as you try to carry on with your broken life...

Finally there's a peak - relief after an intense and desperate session where you've been virtually uncontactable by the people outside of your world for what seems like months.

The sweats, worrying and sleepless nights can finally stop.

It's decided. Bought and paid for; been ridden.  It's good, very good, maybe even a forever bike?

Until the next time...

Someone please help me!

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The curse of bike shop staff everywhere - surrounded by shiny all day long, it's hard to stay on the wagon!

My name's Paul and I'm a bike addict.

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