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Ensuring that your bike is safe and up to the job is vital - and could be the difference between enjoying your ride or cursing your bike as you start your long walk home/to your car. After spending your hard earned cash on the latest bike or components, it make sense to look after the bike and make sure that the parts last and you get your moneys' worth.

Escape Bike Shop has a workshop kitted out with every Park Tool we could possibly need, plus specific tooling form Hope, Rockshox, Fox and Mavic. Our workshop manager Tom is Cytech qualified and has 10 years of experience fettling all sorts of bikes!

Servicing and Repairs

£30 labour chargeEscape has 3 standard service options. We are also able to carry out any other jobs that you need, from installing new headsets and chainsets to servicing suspension and truing bike wheels. If you are interested in having Escape service your bike, repair a part or fit a new component give us a call us on 015242 41226 to get booked in.

Bike Service Plans

Stage 1


  • Inspect hubs & rims for wear & adjust where possible
  • Inspect bottom bracket & headset for free play & adjust where possible
  • Inspect brakes for safe operation & adjust accordingly
  • Inspect gears for safe operation & adjust accordingly
  • Inspect tyres & tyre pressures & adjust accordingly
  • Inspect all bolts for correct torque settings
  • Test ride bike

Stage 2


  • Inspect & quote for parts needed
  • Full bike wash
  • Strip & degrease drive components
  • Inspect Frame alignment
  • Inspect forks dropout alignment
  • Inspect wheels alignment & true where needed
  • Inspect hub for free play & adjust accordingly
  • Strip inspect & re-grease headset, rebuild & adjust accordingly
  • Inspect & re-grease Bottom bracket
  • Inspect for safe operation & re-adjust brakes
  • Re-lubricate drive components & re-build
  • Reconnect cables & reset stop screws & re-index gears
  • Inspect tyres for wear & correct pressure, adjust where needed
  • Test ride bike

Stage 3


  • Inspect & quote for all parts needed
  • Strip bike & wash
  • Inspect frame alignment
  • Inspect headtube & face & ream where needed
  • Inspect bottom bracket shell chase threads & face where needed
  • Inspect forks dropout alignment & inspect for wear
  • Re-fit headset rebuild, re grease & reset
  • Re-fit, re grease & preload bottom bracket
  • Strip, clean & regrease hub bearings
  • Remove tyres, true, tension & dish wheels
  • Inspect tyres refit & inflate to correct pressures
  • Fully degrease drive chain components
  • Re-lubricate components & refit all parts
  • Cut to length & fit new cable set*
  • Reset mech stop screws & re-index gears
  • Clean & inspect brakes, bleed hydraulic brakes, realign brake callipers
  • Re grease/loctite bolts where needed & re-torque
  • Replace bar tape*/ refit grips
  • Test ride bike
  • Final inspection & polish
  • *Stage 3 service includes cables and bar tape. All other parts extra.

Book your bike into our Workshop.

If you have any questions or want further information and a quote, please pop into our bike shop in Ingleton or call us on 015242 41226.

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