Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

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When you think electric bike, most likely you will think of city bikes with an extra wide seat tube. Stealth, the mad bike creators from Australia, plan to change your perception with the robust Bomber.

With a 4.5kW output, this electric bike has a range of around 50 miles. So far so good. However, the Stealth Bomber can manage up to 50 mph, and not just on asphalt. This electric bike is made to work on muddy, rutty and rather tricky off road trials too.

Stealth attack your favourite trials

Heavy duty long travel suspension takes any abuse you throw at it. With 180mm travel on the front (upgradeable to 200mm) and a coil over mono-shock giving a travel of 250mm at the rear, the Bomber works brilliantly on the aggressive off road environments. Of course it is all adjustable, so you can change the set up to work comfortable for everyday riding.

Able to reach 50 mph, you need to know that you can stop with ease, so the standard 6 pot brakes, front and rear, are added to scrub off the speed. Although if you require more bit, you can upgrade them to 8 pots! A 9 speed sequential gear box takes care of the changes via a grip shifter.

It is not the lightest bike at just under 53kg, but with a powerful electric motor on board, getting up to speed could not be easier. All this, plus some chunky tires, means that you can effortlessly and quickly get to the top of your favourite downhill trial and then enjoy the flat out pace all the way to the bottom before cruising home.

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