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  • The Escape Bike Shop workshop is fully equipped to deal with any job when servicing your pride and joy!

    Ensuring that your bike is safe and up to the job is vital - and could be the difference between enjoying your ride or cursing your bike as you start your long walk home/to your car. After spending your hard earned cash on the latest bike or components, it make sense to look after the bike and make sure that the parts last and you get your money's worth.

    Escape Bike Shop has a workshop kitted out with every Park Tool we could need (plus a few we won't). Our workshop manager and head mechanic, Tom, is Cytech qualified with over 11 years of experience.

    With years of experience in sales and servicing we can advise you on all necessary maintenance and upgrades to make your ride even better.

    From sorting suspension to caressing your cones and greasing your nipples we have the means! You’ll get honest, experienced advice, a brew and probably a bit of banter…

    All bikes are welcome in the Escape Workshop! There’s no bike snobbery here – kid’s bikes, hybrids, folders, trikes, hand bikes and quads have all been through our shop for spares and repairs – and are always welcome back for more!


    From a simple safety check and Stage 1 service to a full, bare frame strip down and rebuild we have various service levels and packages available to suit your riding and budget.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.01.52

    We often get bikes in for work that have safety issues and shouldn’t be ridden! Most of the causes are easily remedied with regular servicing – which will help to keep you alive and make your cycling experience more enjoyable too!

    Stop that creaky crank, sort that suspension and prepare your pedals!

    Bearings are a simple thing, but much overlooked in terms of their continuing function let alone the importance of being adjusted correctly to keep you bike safe!

    Headsets, hubs, bottom brackets, pedals, wheels and suspension linkages all need regular TLC. We can make sure you have the correct bearing in place to perform the best or last longer – so stop those wobbles and horrible creaks and get your bike booked in now!

    Dropper post servicing can be done in house and whether you have a Reverb, KS, Specialized, Crank Brothers or Thomson post we can sort you out…

    Got DI2 or an E-bike? No problem? We’ve got the tools and expertise to diagnose faults and get them fixed.

    Questions and set-up advice? Not a problem, we are always available in-store, on the phone and by email to answer all your technical queries, sort out your riding position or help set your suspension up. You are welcome to bring your bike down to the shop and we’ll answer all your questions and get you sorted!

    Wheels get a hard life and can transform your bike when looked after and set up to suit you and your riding style properly. Light and stiff or strong and wide, tubes or tubeless? We can help you decide and sort out the best wheels for your riding, racing or recreational use. Built in house or bought in from the best brands – both are great options when upgrading your hoops.


    We also run regular Basic Maintenance Courses too. So if you want to learn how to make your, or your family’s bikes safer, fix the dreaded puncture, and learn maintenance tips and what essential equipment you should carry for road/trailside repairs - sign up for our next course, it’s a fun pressure free environment to learn some awesome tips and get to know your bike better!


    We've got a quick turn around time for most repairs and servicing and can often help you out with warranty claims too - even if bought elsewhere!

    Contact us here for all sales, servicing and booking enquiries:

    Tel: 015242 41226






    Posted on February 9, 2017.

    We’re a small close knit team here at Escape Bike Shop, here’s a bit about us, what we ride, love and hate about bikes…


    paul pic

    Paul runs the shop, and trys to keep Tom out of the biscuit box…his days are spent doing all sorts - everything from staffing to ordering shiny products, custom builds, and fending off advertising calls. In between all that he gets to spend time with you lovely people discussing and advising you on your next purchase.

    Having been around the bike industry since 1999 and riding everything from single speeds, road bikes and big bouncy mountain bikes and with the occasional jaunt cycling round foreign lands for months at a time Paul can certainly give you some quality advice what ever it is you are looking for.

    Currently Rides: Ritchey 650b singlespeed MTB, whatever workhorse road bike is lurking in the shed...

    Loves: All things bike! Kids bikes, hybrids, road, MTB, cyclocross it’s all good as long as more people are riding! - maybe not fat bikes though…?

    Hates: Finishing a wet, muddy ride and having to deal with all that stuff...and the failure of the education system!


    Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.27.06

    Tom is our workshop manager and Mechanic, he has a wealth of knowledge garnered from his 9 years fettling bikes. He spends his days building new bikes for the shop, fixing mangled mechs and servicing forks and loves building custom spec bikes.

    Tom can help you with all your biking needs whether it be servicing advice, shopping help or technical queries - just remember, don’t try to out geek the geek!

    Currently Rides: Transition Transam 650b Hardtail MTB, Cube Litening Super HPC Road Bike, Whyte G-150 custom.

    Loves: Hike a bike action and long days out on the open fell. Biscuits, Cake, sweets, anything left in the kitchen going for free…Bon Jovi look a like competitions, Rambo...

    Hates: Working on dirty bikes - please wash them….



    Arawn - is from a land of rich cultural heritage and dragons, daffodils, leeks and sheep - which we remind him of pretty much constantly... He updates our website and does a bit of everything - booking in stock and selling stuff... Arawn has been around bike shops a fair while and has had everything from DH bikes to BMX and road bikes so can help you out with anything from clothing and equipment advice to setting up your forks and shocks.

    Currently Rides: Santa Cruz Bronson, Whyte 901, BMX

    Loves: sheep

    Hates: Lunches that don't involve pies



    Matthew is one of the owners and helps out in the shop from time to time. He loves bikes and rides fast everywhere. If you ever come across a blinged out Santa Cruz out on the trails it’s probably him, have a chat and talk bikes - just don’t try and beat him downhill…or uphill.

    Currently Rides: Tricked out Santa Cruz Hightower with Enves, Specialized Turbo Levo, Wilier Zero 7.

  • E-bikes - They're here to stay...

    Posted on December 7, 2016.

    I've been meaning to write about E-bikes for a while and with recent brand changes in the shop now seems a good time to do it!


    E-bikes have been around on the continent for a long time now, though the UK has been a little slower than other European countries in taking to them. Over the last couple of years and this year in particular, the E-bike market in the UK seems to have exploded - with all the big brands and many smaller ones and even some bike shed warriors making their own conversions.

    So, let's try and answer some common questions and misconceptions about E-bikes and who they are for...

    An E-bike, or electric bicycle is "a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used to aid propulsion." Current UK Legislation states that electric bicycles that have powered assistance to a maximum of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) using a motor of no more than 250 Watts (maximum continuous rated power output) are considered bicycles." This basically means that motors above 250W are considered a different type of vehicle and as such you may be required to be licenced, taxed, registered and insured to ride one on public roads...

    That's the legal stuff covered...

    Who are they for?

    Up until recently E-bikes have been considered by many to be the domain of the older cyclist, people carrying or living with injury or just plain cheats! Whilst that is true in many cases, we're seeing a shift in the type of people looking at E-bikes as a form of transport or "normal" bike. Yes, the bulk of E-bike sales are hybrids, but times are a-changing and with product innovation rampaging along there's more and more people taking up the E!

    Major automotive electrical manufacturers rule the roost in E-bike technology, with Bosch, Brose and Yamaha at the forefront. Shimano's Steps system is also popular and bound to give legendary Shimano simplicity and quality...With the backing of huge companies like these one thing is for sure, E-bikes are here to stay as none of these companies would invest so heavily in the tech otherwise!

    If any of you have ridden an E-bike then I'm pretty sure you'll know what I mean when I say they put a smile on your face! They are just plain fun to ride! That goes for hybrids, step throughs and mtbs alike, you can't help but smile when you ride one. I don't know if it's the novelty of having a helpful, quiet, smooth motor or the naughtiness of being helped along when I don't really need it (yet) ??? It just makes me smile!

    If you haven't ridden one yet definitely pop in to the shop and try one, out of inquisitiveness if nothing else, I guarantee you'll get it - and whether you want to or not you'll like it!

    There's an E-bike out there for everyone these days too, really smart looking hybrids from UK based Whyte Bikes, who also make some fast urban commuters too; E-MTBs are gaining popularity at a phenomenally fast rate and are not an uncommon sight out on the trails or at your local trail centre now also.

    We've sold a few Cube Mtbs with Bosch motors over the last couple of years and they are a great bike that's for sure, but with a switch to Specialized for us at Escape Bike Shop there's a new sheriff in town - the TURBO LEVO.



    Featuring a stealthy integrated battery and motor, classic Specialized FSR linkage and geometry, this bike was made from the ground up to appeal to the enthusiast, performance rider and boy does it work well.

    OH MY GOD! How much fun is this bike?! Why do I not have one? When can I have one?

    These are the questions you are going to be asking even after only a small ride in our car park or around our test track...

    Game changer! That is what this bike is, even more so than other E-bikes out there right now. this is going to be one of those bikes that in years to come we look back and say "remember when the Turbo Levo came out?"

    Intrigued? Why not Book a demo? Take one of our Specialized Turbo Levos out on a ride, hell bring a mate and they can go too - we've got 2!

    We're planning an E-bike only demo day too! So watch this space for a date in the not too distant future.

    It doesn't have to be like this:


    It can be all you want it to be...this:




    015242 41226







  • Workshop Offers. Get booking!

    Posted on November 22, 2016.

    Treat your bike to some tlc this winter to get your pride and joy feeling new again.


    Got this?                                                                  But want this beast?!

    screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-08-56-45   screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-08-59-35


    Ok, we can't quite do that, but we can give your bike a new lease of life with some Escape bike Shop workshop fettle. See below for our winter offers!

    Here at Escape we have you covered with some epic workshop deals running until the end of December that will get you and your trusty steed (and your wallet/purse) through this winter.

    To take advantage of these deals give us a call on 015242 41226 to book some time in our workshop. Be it road, hybrid, kids bikes or mtb, all bikes are welcome!

    "But I only have one bike" you say? Not to worry! Have a friend in the same situation? tell him / her of these super cool deals and organise it between you to bring your needy steeds in and you both enjoy the discount... happy days!

    Deals below!


  • We've been busy over the summer months in the shop and workshop selling and fettling bikes, but that's not all!

    We're always on the hunt for new and exciting products to grace the shelves so have been on the look out for new brands and keeping an eye on the exciting developments in the world of SRAM, Whyte and Santa Cruz too.

    sm_xg1299_cassette_gold_front_l g-160s img_2079


    EAGLE has landed - the first 12 speed mountain bike groupset is here. With a whopping 50t rear sprocket you're guaranteed to get up those hills! But it's not all about that low gear, with a wide range rear cassette you can increase your chainring size and top gear and have the best of both worlds. Eagle is in store ready for your next custom build or to upgrade your current steed...You'll also see Eagle on a whole host of 2017 bikes - like the T-130 carbon we have in store:)

    img_2159 img_2160img_2023

    So, 2017 Whyte bikes are here too, we've got shiny bikes galore including a whole load of the wicked T-130s and G160s ready to hit the trails or your first Enduro! Demo evening is on Wednesday 19th October - so call to book - 015242 41226. There'll be T-130, G-160, T-129 and 909 hardtails too. We'll crank up the fire pit and put some brews and snacks on to keep you fuelled before a lap of our demo loop.


    Our Santa Cruz Hightower is now festooned with a set of ENVE Composites M60 carbon 29er rims making it the nicest, fastest bike in the world ever (well almost). Choose your poison - 29er or 27+ - keep an eye out for a winter demo day soon!

    img_2079            IMG_1877            img_2092

    A new addition to the store is ION bike Clothing - ION is a brand run by passionate people, whose big love have always been watersports. ION's unique combination of stylish, feature loaded, high quality products have garnered a following far and wide.


    In late 2012, ION launched a bike division with functional cycling gear, clothing, accessories, gloves and protection to complement their watersport business and have since expanded the range and are becoming a MTB favourite for no nonsense good looking gear.

    We've started out with some key pieces in store, tech tees, SS Jerseys and some awesome gloves and pads. There'll be back packs and shorts to follow!

    Pop in to try and buy soon!

    Get yourself down to the shop for demos, new shiny bits and always great offers on clothing and parts!

    Talk to Paul for a custom build, riding, position and technical advice, Tom for servicing and workshop and see Arawn in store to get you sorted with a new bike, parts and accessories.

  • We've just confirmed a date for our next Santa Cruz Demo!


    Doing it a little bit differently this time, we'll be having a Mid-week evening Demo based from the shop on Wednesday 1st June 2016. 

    The ride will start at 6pm, so be prepared to arrive for 5.30pm to get set up.

    We'll use a bigger version of our normal demo loop for a 2hr+ ride around the local fells.

    Book now to ride your dream bike and try before you buy! Call 015242 41226 to book.

    All the usual suspects will be present - Heckler, 5010, Bronson, Nomad and the new Hightower; a selection of lovely Juliana bicycles will be available for the ladies too!

    Looking forward to seeing you then.

    REMEMBER TO BOOK ! 015242 41226

    Here's a video from one of our previous demo days...








  • 20th March saw the opening round of the PMBA Enduro series at Gisburn Forest "Escape to Gisburn"!

    Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 14.16.00


    Escape Bike Shop were there as always to support the event, help with prizes and provide mechanical and technical assistance on the day.

    The sun shone! It was a great day weather wise, a well organised event from Mike and Kev as always and a great mix of riders in a sold out field.

    Gisburn is a great venue, with easily accessible stages and a cosy hub for camping, parking and getting refuelled. This year reused old favourites for the stages, with Loamaegeddon and Hully Gully highlights.

    Thanks to all the riders for supporting the event! It's a chilled out venue and there's always a great atmosphere and good banter from marshalls and riders alike.

    I'll leave the race round up to the guys from Whitenosugar Productions and their awesome video!

    Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 14.06.59

    Hope to see you all next time!

    Don't forget - if you're entered in a PMBA enduro for 2016 you can get 15% off all parts, accessories and clothing at Escape Bike Shop until October on proof of entry!

  • Spring Demo Day Round up...

    Posted on March 24, 2016.


    With 3 Demo Days in 3 months it has been a busy time at Escape!

    Plenty of prep is needed to hold a successful demo day…

    3 key ingredients to hold a successful demo day -

    • Bikes
    • Tea / Coffee
    • Cake (Plenty of cake)

    All joking aside, I remember it like it was January 16th 2016…

    The First of 3 Demos saw the guys from Hotlines bringing over the all new Nukeproof Mega 27.5 / 29” fleet all looking mighty sparkling and faster than a fast thing on a fast day! With bikes looking that good it wasn’t long until the stand was attracting people all keen to get on the new bikes.

    nukeproof demoThe weather had been fairly miserable in the run up to the day, so it was refreshing to see a sprinkling of snow gracing the top of the fells and a big yellow orb in the sky, which caused some great mystery until we Googled what it was :) All in all it was a great day with plenty of positive feedback about the new Nukeproof Mega and some orders placed…

    Refueling was taken care of with a vast array of cakes and beverages around the fire pit and a great atmosphere in the yard and up ont' fell courtesy of all who came = RESULT! A Successful demo day!

    Just before we could open that well deserved pack of biscuits it was time to move onto our second demo:

    20th of February saw the guys from Jungle arriving nice and early in the Santa Cruz Van with all sorts of 2 wheeled goodness for our customers to try through out the day. With snow on our Nukeproof demo day we were expecting the worst.

    Fire pit lit and burning strong, displays up and the weather was… um.. wet to say the least. Bikes were nearly swapped for canoes before we set off into what could only be described as Mordor with only one cancelation (thanks guys).

    This was the very first demo for the brand new Hightower, which in 29er form I can honestly say is one of the fastest bikes ever! Other popular bikes on the day were of course the stalwart Bronson, Nomad and Heckler and there was a smattering of Juliana Roubions and Furtados to be found too.

    We used our usual Demo route, seeing us climbing up onto the fells above the shop before a great boggy & grassy descent – slimy and interesting in the wet with 14+ riders slipping and sliding the way down! The short farm track and road route back to the shop giving us a chance to recover and discuss the bikes.

    Despite the terrible conditions there were plenty of smiles on the mountain and equally as many smiles by the fire pit upon return!

    santa cruz demo 16Last but not least, just as our yard and the surrounding countryside started to dry out, we were host to numerous brands and there assorted paraphernalia. This time it was the turn of Cube, Whyte, the guys from Silverfish UK in the zombie truck and a whole fleet of Yeti beauties and last but not least the fleet from Nukeproof featuring the lightening fast Mega 27.5 and 290.

    The majority of the day showed blue sky with a scattering of cloud, which after the last two demos was a pleasure to see! If the rain would only hold off was another question!

    We had a great mix of bikes available from short travel XC hardtails all the way to big’n’bouncy “Enduro” (Rad) bikes and the oh so fun Cube electric full suspension Stereo. Which let me tell you is a whole bike ride worth of giggles!

    With a great turn out for both morning and afternoon rides, we had a great mix of riders, both male and female, enjoying the vast array of brands and bikes on offer and having a great time doing it! Once we got to the top of the fells it was time to point them downhill. This is usually the point it starts to rain or snow but surprisingly there was only a slight sprinkling of rain hardly enough to notice it and nothing more. Third time lucky perhaps?

    Highlights of the day included:

    • Whyte’s T-130 / G-160 trail bikes as fast as ever.
    • Cube’s vast array of bikes including the Fatbikes and the electric full suspension always go down a treat.
    • Jarno from Cube Bikes spinning some beats on the yard! The next David Guetta? Maybe!
    • Yeti’s SB6C “Enduro slayer” is as fast as ever.
    • Nukeproof’s Mega bikes always attract attention, especially with the great spec and reputation they have.
    • Lots of cake available.
    • Fire pit
    • And of course all our awesome customers, new and regulars alike!

    As always, A big thanks to the Guys from Cube bringing a massive fleet of spangly bikes all in a new pimped out Display truck with it only missing some spinners…The guys from Silverfish and the always eye-catching Zombie Truck filled with Yeti goodness, A big thanks to the guys from Hotlines bringing the Nukeproof Mega and Scout range and the equally impressively sized EZ-up! Also a big thanks to the guys from ATB Sales for bringing the always impressive range of Whyte bikes.

    Last but not least a big thank you to everyone of our customers for creating a great atmosphere, without you all our Demo days wouldn’t be as successful as they are.

    Fancy a demo day? Never been before? Keep an eye out on our social media sites for the latest news and events!

    2016 DEMO 3

    Upcoming Demos:

    Santa Cruz - May DATE TBC (Midweek - an evening demo with a slightly longer route) 

  • How to...Sportive

    Posted on March 22, 2016.

    sportive phots

    For the uninitiated a Sportive is an organised, non competitive cycling event. Often timed, though not a race, Sportives are for the joy of taking part, a personal challenge and accomplishment. Enjoy riding in new places and with new people?  You'll enjoy a sportive!

    So, how to do one?

    Talk to cycling buddies, search online or chat to your local store, there's always something happening and these guys will have a heads up about a new or established event that's worth having a go at.

    Once you've sussed out the event to do - ENTER. sign up

    This is a key step! Many people put this off and never actually get round to doing the ride! Once entered you have incentive to train, plan and a ride to look forward to.

    It's best to gradually increase your normal level of riding in the lead up to the event, working up to distance which is 2/3 or more of your chosen ride. This means that on the day you'll be less concerned about distance and more likely to enjoy it! If you can, maybe even ride a portion or more of the route in the lead up - you'll get a feel for the terrain and type of roads/gradients you can expect on the day...

    What bike and equipment do you need?

    The bike you ride should ideally be a road bike, in good condition with a decent gear range and brakes that work. Cyclocross bikes, Audax and touring bikes are all common sights at a Sportive and you'll also see the odd hybrid or mountain bike too, though a road bike would be the best choice.


    You'll definitely need a helmet, most events will not allow you to take part without one. Wearing one is the sensible choice anyway what with changeable road surfaces, bad drivers and the added dangers of potentially riding in a group of unknown riders.

    Check the weather in the week before the event and dress appropriately! Lots of thin layers that are easily removable and stuffable are much better than a big thick layer if it's cold. You'll also want a wind/ waterproof layer that'll stuff down small just in case of some moisture! Cold hands are horrible, so bring gloves both for warmth and comfort, even a thin fingerless glove gives some added protection against road vibration and will save some skin if you have an off.

    Padded shorts are a must, they make the single biggest difference to the comfort of your derriere...Don't be afraid of Chamois cream, it might feel a bit odd at first but the benefits far out way the initial surprise:)

    Your jersey should be breathable, comfortable and have pockets for filling with removed garments, energy food and bananas...

    Other stuff that we would recommend are things that you probably have and use anyway -  though there's no point in carrying a load of tools if you are not comfortable or don't know how to use them! Here's some stuff we would carry:

    A saddle bag for spare tubes and tools (including puncture repair outfit) and Pump.

    Multiple water bottles and cages fitted on the bike.

    A rear light in case of dull or dark conditions.

    If you feel the need to carry a bit of extra food or clothing, maybe try a barbag. These are mounted on a bracket on your handlebars and are a much better option than wearing a backpack. But don't carry too much...

    Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 09.27.01

    You might have or want a cycle computer or GPS to record your progress, modern GPS have "normal" cycle computer functions as well as the ability to download your route, some may even have a mapping function too. Most smart phones have apps available to track your movements too.'ve entered, trained, prepared your bike and gear for the day and the time has come to actually do this thing!

    Having read the organisers instructions, you will of course arrive in plenty of time and be familiar with the procedure for the day...There's nothing worse than arriving late, in a flap, with no where to park, not knowing what to do and already seeing a steady stream of cyclists setting off down the road. Stress does not lend it self to a pleasant bike ride!

    Obviously stuff happens, but the more you can do to arrive in a relaxed organised fashion the more likely you'll enjoy your day!

    The organisers will of sent out a route description before hand explaining the terrain, road surface and any hazards you may come across. This will probably also contain a little about riding in a group and the associated issues. With that in mind give space to other riders, make them aware of your presence if overtaking and pay heed to other road users. You should  also be aware of the road surface if loose, wet or rough and take care on steep grades and sharp unsighted bends.

    Don't go off like a rocket, pace yourself for the day ahead - it's no good blowing up after 15 miles! Ride at a comfortable pace that you can sustain, push on later in the ride if you have the energy...Try no to stop to frequently, you'll cool down and make yourself more tired -use the allocated feed stations for your rest.

    It's really important to stay hydrated, drink often - don't wait until you're thirsty. Have some bite sizes pieces of your favourite riding food in a pocket or within easy reach so you can snack as you ride and some energy bars or gels for later...

    If riding solo, maybe hook up with some other riders and split the effort, taking turns on the front will save a lot of effort overall. If riding with friends do the same, it makes a big difference!

    The key thing to remember, whether riding solo, in a group or with friends is ENJOY IT! Look around and enjoy the scenery, have some banter and fun.

    The feeling of satisfaction and relief buzz you get when you finish will be worth all the weeks of preparation!


    Fancy trying a sportive? How about a new, small and friendly event in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales? Based from Escape Bike Shop and part of the 2016 Ingleton Overground Underground Festival, join us for ESCAPE TO THE DALES on June 12th!

    sportive link image 

  • It snowed at our Nukeproof demo in January, so we expected the worst when we booked Jungle for a February Demo day with Santa Cruz and Juliana Bikes...

    IMG_1644 IMG_1645 IMG_1646 IMG_1647

    Let's just say it was a bit damp, moist even...Ok it was hoofing it down and bloody freezing!

    Undeterred, we set up early and lit the now standard feature for demos - the fire pit (!) , in the hope of not freezing any would be customers to death.

    With brews on the go and a ready supply of tray bakes and only one weather related cancel there was a good turn out for both the morning and afternoon rides - with people keen to try the new Hightower, old fatihful Heckler (all be it in new fangled 650b guise), 5010, Bronson, Nomads, Furtado and Roubions - it was almost a full house across the range!

    Our normal demo loop over the back fell was used, it's a great mix of terrain, surface and gradient change - ideal for testing a new bike in fact; and with some "interesting" weather makes for a challenging climb and descent!

    Thanks to Ben and Tom from Jungle for their help on the day and to all our customers for making it a worth while event once again.

    If you fancy trying something new and demoing a new Santa Cruz, Yeti, Cube, Whyte or Nukeproof get yourself along to our Spring Demo on 5th March. Call for details and to book - 015242 41226.




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