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  • Retail is detail...

    Posted on November 24, 2017.

    Retail is detail - but maybe these days that is not enough...

    We do our utmost to keep the shop looking fresh, clean, inviting; with well displayed stock, current products and some sale bargains. Experienced staff, trained mechanics and an ingrained love of all things bike are what drive the shop on... Check out our Meet the team blog here. Or what we do each day here.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 14.05.18

    These days though it's often not quite enough to keep customers from the lure of internet pricing and almost instant delivery times.

    I get it, I really do. I know it’s difficult to part with your hard earned cash these day, it's a difficult time, money is tight and you want the best for your money - I do too! But I also want bike shops to continue to exist, I love working in this industry and the characters and great friends that do too.

    So, give us a chance.

    You want that shiny stuff, but XYZ has it cheaper online? Give me a call, pop in to the shop and just ask... If we can we will, if not we'll get as close as we can - just ask - give us a chance to keep it local and keep bike shops open! Hell, we'll even make you a brew - the banter and p*** taking is for free...

    Don't be shy - if we can price match we will - and if we can't we'll be honest and tell you why! It won’t always be yes, but we’ll do our best.

    Our aim is to deliver the best service we possibly can. The most honest advice, educated opinion, best products and a coffee and a laugh too!

    Give us a shout next time you're shopping - Ron makes a pretty good brew.

    Looking forward to seeing you in store soon!

    Thanks for your continued custom and support - Paul



  • "Hello, my name's Paul and I'm an addict"

    Posted on March 24, 2017.

    It's one of those inevitable things, it's going to happen, you just don't know where, you don't know when, but it will happen...

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.00.53're going along, content in your own world, pottering round your regular bike shop haunts, knowing your fleet is complete and correct: MTB - check, Full-sus Enduro MTB - check, nice road bike (discs of course), winter hack, old school BMX for messing about at the track with the kids, maybe even an occasionally ridden singlespeed lurks in the corner of the garage next to the fatbike? But...then you overhear a snippet of conversation in the bike shop, or glimpse a press release and that's it, it happens.

    You fall off the wagon!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.04.12

    Long forgotten promises of "no more bikes", "this is the last one", "I don't need any more" fall by the wayside as you descend the slippery slope once more.

    What follows is an intense need for information, a clamouring for more pictures, technical information, geometry details, release dates etc. You scour the internet, bombard your go-to-guy in the bike shop, spend countless hours on forums (even though you hate them) to piece together every shred of information as you compile the spec or breakdown the model variations to find the one that's next. The forever bike, the holy grail of bikes...

    You hate yourself; disappointed again at your lack of will power as you eye the faces of your loved one's sideways looks and skulk off to the shed clutching research for hours on end.

    It continues, for weeks...

    The need never goes away, it's gnawing at your head and inside you the whole time. Distracted, you battle your way through the working week, with sneaky research when you can to get your fix. Tired, anxious, vague and disjointed you stumble on, muttering head tube angles as you try to carry on with your broken life...

    Finally there's a peak - relief after an intense and desperate session where you've been virtually uncontactable by the people outside of your world for what seems like months.

    The sweats, worrying and sleepless nights can finally stop.

    It's decided. Bought and paid for; been ridden.  It's good, very good, maybe even a forever bike?

    Until the next time...

    Someone please help me!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.05.45


    The curse of bike shop staff everywhere - surrounded by shiny all day long, it's hard to stay on the wagon!

    My name's Paul and I'm a bike addict.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.11.20


  • How deep is your gurn...?

    Posted on March 8, 2017.

    Faced with my easy 5 mile commute at 7.30 in the morning I'm normally either half asleep and can't be arsed or busy dealing with rain/sleet/ice/builders vans/muddy roads so don't give riding a great deal of thought. This morning was different though...

    I set off feeling lazy and sleepy straight uphill out of the village and something clicked. It wasn't my ageing knees or cyclist's spine (before you say it) it was a switch in my head!

    Boom! It was like a gun going off - I charged up, flat out, full effort, interval style, changing gear only when absolutely necessary before a brief recovery and the next slope or short uphill and pretty much repeating this all the way to work. Why? I have no idea, I just did.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 14.49.18

    Now, having owned singlespeed mountain bikes for years I'm no stranger to gurning my way uphill on or off road. There's something strangely satisfying about beasting yourself up hill and trying to stay on top of the gear, pulling your best gurning face whilst your legs are in lactic acid shock and your heart is trying to burst out of your chest - or is it just me?

    Rhetorical question, I know it's not just me - there are other like minded, weird souls out there, other cyclists, just like you!

    One minute you are bimbling along the prom enjoying the sunshine and the next it's flat out walker/family slalom, racing your mate/partner whilst trying not to case it into a group of geriatric twitchers; or a casual group ride that turns into a flat out sprint between gates for absolutely no reason that ends with a gurning sweaty mess as you push on.

    Even those without a competitive nature will occasionally find the inclination to gurn up a random hill, just to see what happens...

    How deep is your gurn? This is a question you probably haven't asked yourself before (!) and what it means to me is just how far I'll push on, how much further i'll get up that hill or where in the group sprint to the pub I'll come. No-one else cares, it's just for fun and only for my own satisfaction. With full on, flat-out effort, gurn face for good measure:)


    Free Exercise  - that's the ride to work on any day; it comes with a free buzz as you coast into work with fizzing muscles and a smile on your face realising that you've just saved yourself a gym workout.

    Bikes are brilliant aren't they...?

    'til next time...Paul


  • It's just riding bikes...

    Posted on March 3, 2017.

    A ranty blog about random bike related things. The opinions expressed within do not necessarily reflect those of Escape Bike Shop and may or may not cause offence/exasperation/surprise. Read on at your own risk. :)

    It's interesting working in the bike industry, we get to work with products we love and see cool stuff as it develops and comes to market...

    Recently though, it strikes me that much the same as fashion, things seem to come round in cycles (sorry)... The eighties perm hasn't quite made it back yet (fortunately) but the ripped jeans, neon clothing and Ra-ra skirts have all been here before...


    The point of my ramblings is this: A host of press releases over the last few weeks featuring spy shots of suspension forks for road, sorry - gravel bikes - and bikes being made to multi task and be jack-of-all-trades made me think "we've been here before". Doesn't anyone else remember these? Or is it just us old school, bike shop workers?


    The was a whole host of roadie suspension forks before...they are just better now! The Specialized Roubaix is a great example with "Future Shock" suspension that actually does work - and is possibly the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden...

    Then I got to thinking about types of bikes and the irrelevance of it all...

    Do everything bikes? We all had them when we were kids - didn't we?

    Didn't we used to just ride bikes? It didn't matter - and we didn't know what their intended use was, we just rode bikes up and down the street, off road, up the woods and fired ourselves off sketchy home built ramps no matter what wheel size, with drop bars, on choppers, or bmx, or kid's bikes with bar brakes (remember those?) without ever a thought to drop our seatpost or whether our tyres were tubeless or not. I guess that was the benefit of being kid's - it was just pissing about on bikes with your mates - and, it was fun!


    Technology has rampaged on, manufacturing quality has improved and we went and got older - earned some money, then society drove us into a consumer state where we must have the newest, fastest, lightest products...

    Society's failings aside, I do love the tech - the crossover technology from aerospace, motorsports and manufacturing which allows us to ride harder for longer, more comfortably or ride more technical terrain. But maybe we have got a bit too absorbed in it all and perhaps forget sometimes that it is meant to be FUN!

    My remedy is this - get your riding buddies to dust off those 90s rigid mountain bikes in the garage with rim brakes and no suspension, or buy a clunker off fleabay and give it a fettle to make it safe-ish...

    Go ride them, on mass - your whole group - there is nothing quite like the feeling of riding that (inappropriate) bike on your regular MTB trails or in friends field with a sketchy ramp, a bbq and a few beers or a group of mates racing bikes on a home made slalom'll all be on piles of crap with rubbish brakes and ripped saddles as you joust each other off, see who can ride up "that" or down "that" and you'll have a laugh! Probably best not to do this though...

    bmx flames

    Yes, buy in to the tech. (it keeps me employed for a start)

    Yes, get in to new products - there's some amazing developments happening!

    Yes, have a fancy road/Mountain/gravel bike.

    Yes, do get involved in events.

    But most of all have fun - remember - it's just riding bikes!

    I probably could go off on many a tangent for days on end, I'll save the drugs in cycling for next time...

    'til then.





  • What we do...

    Posted on February 23, 2017.

    love bikes

    Live, sleep, work, play, ride, eat - everything bike related - that's what we do!

    It doesn't matter what it is, mountain bike, E-bike, road, hybrid, tandem, trike, ice-cream wagon, kids bike or touring fat-bike with trailer - it's all bikes and bike riding and that's all good!

    It's a lifestyle choice working in the bike business, it's something that seems to choose you rather than you choosing it. One day you're out riding your bike after school/Uni/work and the next thing you know it's 10 (or 20!) years later and 3+ bike shop jobs on and it's like - WOW - how did that happen!?

    The years of tinkering in workshops, making stuff work and coming across weird and wonderful rare parts or bikes only prove to keep it interesting; and builds a knowledge base to equip you for the next 10 years of constantly changing standards, business killing online pricing and retail ups and downs that seem to have no explanation or key drivers or just leave you stumped and excited to find a way...

    That's what we do - find a way to fix your bike, get you that part that no-one else can, keep stock of consumables that other shops don't, get you on that demo bike, get excited about selling a kids bike, love new products, find out how it works and go ride it!

    We love the buzz of cycling events - demo rides, ladies maintenance courses, our new Sportive, supporting the PMBA Enduro series, helping out with local Breeze rides and the Coast to Coast in a day; we're always planning the next event and thinking of ways to get more people involved in cycling and loving bikes as much as we do.

    Here at the shop we work hard to bring you the best brands and variety of stock we can - because it's what we would want as a customer.

    We have Santa Cruz, Wilier, Whyte and Specialized bikes in stock - all brands we would (and do) actually buy and ride ourselves! Want something different? This is not an exhaustive list and we often have access to other desirable brands like NS, Ragley, Kinesis, DMR, Pivot and others - ask!

    If it's no good, it doesn't get room in the shop...We only stock the products we want too, that we think are good value and top performers in their field.

    It's not all bikes - Endura forms the mainstay of our clothing lines and produce excellent performing, great value technical garments that will make your riding more comfortable and enjoyable. Alongside Endura brands like LEATT, Mavic, RaceFace and Santa Cruz give a wide range of choice no matter what your discipline.

    Need parts? We keep a huge selection of brakes, derailleurs, bearings and all manner of other bits and pieces in stock. If we don't have it we can get it - and we'll try our best to find a way to get you back on your bike and be competitive on price too. Don't be shy - if we can price match we will - and if we can't we'll be honest and tell you why!

    So what is it we do on a daily basis?

    Try to be the best bike shop in the local area/world!

    - We want you to walk in the door and say "oh, wow!"

    That 's what drives us, that and delivering the best service we possibly can. The most honest advice, educated opinion, best products and a coffee and a laugh too!

    From tubes to custom carbon mountain bikes or round the world tours we're happy to help you with it all and look forward to welcoming you in to the store soon!

    New to Escape? Pop in for a brew and a wander round. You're always welcome!

    Got feedback? Would like to see something different in store?

    Give Paul a ring on 015242 41226 or email [email protected]

    Thanks for your continued custom and support - Paul





  • The Escape Bike Shop workshop is fully equipped to deal with any job when servicing your pride and joy!

    Ensuring that your bike is safe and up to the job is vital - and could be the difference between enjoying your ride or cursing your bike as you start your long walk home/to your car. After spending your hard earned cash on the latest bike or components, it make sense to look after the bike and make sure that the parts last and you get your money's worth.

    Escape Bike Shop has a workshop kitted out with every Park Tool we could need (plus a few we won't). Our workshop manager and head mechanic, Tom, is Cytech qualified with over 11 years of experience.

    With years of experience in sales and servicing we can advise you on all necessary maintenance and upgrades to make your ride even better.

    From sorting suspension to caressing your cones and greasing your nipples we have the means! You’ll get honest, experienced advice, a brew and probably a bit of banter…

    All bikes are welcome in the Escape Workshop! There’s no bike snobbery here – kid’s bikes, hybrids, folders, trikes, hand bikes and quads have all been through our shop for spares and repairs – and are always welcome back for more!


    From a simple safety check and Stage 1 service to a full, bare frame strip down and rebuild we have various service levels and packages available to suit your riding and budget.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.01.52

    We often get bikes in for work that have safety issues and shouldn’t be ridden! Most of the causes are easily remedied with regular servicing – which will help to keep you alive and make your cycling experience more enjoyable too!

    Stop that creaky crank, sort that suspension and prepare your pedals!

    Bearings are a simple thing, but much overlooked in terms of their continuing function let alone the importance of being adjusted correctly to keep you bike safe!

    Headsets, hubs, bottom brackets, pedals, wheels and suspension linkages all need regular TLC. We can make sure you have the correct bearing in place to perform the best or last longer – so stop those wobbles and horrible creaks and get your bike booked in now!

    Dropper post servicing can be done in house and whether you have a Reverb, KS, Specialized, Crank Brothers or Thomson post we can sort you out…

    Got DI2 or an E-bike? No problem? We’ve got the tools and expertise to diagnose faults and get them fixed.

    Questions and set-up advice? Not a problem, we are always available in-store, on the phone and by email to answer all your technical queries, sort out your riding position or help set your suspension up. You are welcome to bring your bike down to the shop and we’ll answer all your questions and get you sorted!

    Wheels get a hard life and can transform your bike when looked after and set up to suit you and your riding style properly. Light and stiff or strong and wide, tubes or tubeless? We can help you decide and sort out the best wheels for your riding, racing or recreational use. Built in house or bought in from the best brands – both are great options when upgrading your hoops.


    We also run regular Basic Maintenance Courses too. So if you want to learn how to make your, or your family’s bikes safer, fix the dreaded puncture, and learn maintenance tips and what essential equipment you should carry for road/trailside repairs - sign up for our next course, it’s a fun pressure free environment to learn some awesome tips and get to know your bike better!


    We've got a quick turn around time for most repairs and servicing and can often help you out with warranty claims too - even if bought elsewhere!

    Contact us here for all sales, servicing and booking enquiries:

    Tel: 015242 41226

    Email: [email protected]





    Posted on February 9, 2017.

    We’re a small close knit team here at Escape Bike Shop, here’s a bit about us, what we ride, love and hate about bikes…


    paul pic

    Paul runs the shop, and trys to keep Tom out of the biscuit box…his days are spent doing all sorts - everything from staffing to ordering shiny products, custom builds, and fending off advertising calls. In between all that he gets to spend time with you lovely people discussing and advising you on your next purchase.

    Having been around the bike industry since 1999 and riding everything from single speeds, road bikes and big bouncy mountain bikes and with the occasional jaunt cycling round foreign lands for months at a time Paul can certainly give you some quality advice whatever it is you are looking for.

    Currently Rides: Ritchey 650b singlespeed MTB.

    Loves: All things bike! Kids bikes, hybrids, road, MTB, touring  or cyclocross it’s all good as long as more people are riding! - maybe not fat bikes though…?

    Hates: Finishing a wet, muddy ride and having to deal with all that stuff... brexit, the failure of society and the education system...


    Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.27.06

    Tom is our workshop manager and Mechanic, he has a wealth of knowledge garnered from his years fettling bikes. He spends his days building new bikes for the shop, fixing mangled mechs and servicing forks and loves building custom spec bikes.

    Tom can help you with all your biking needs whether it be servicing advice, shopping help or technical queries - just remember, don’t try to out geek the geek!

    Currently Rides: Transition Transam 650b Hardtail MTB, Cube Litening Super HPC Road Bike.

    Loves: Hike a bike action and long days out on the open fell. Biscuits, Cake, sweets, anything left in the kitchen going for free…Bon Jovi look a like competitions, Rambo...

    Hates: Working on dirty bikes - please wash them….



    Arawn - is from a land of rich cultural heritage and dragons, daffodils, leeks and sheep - which we remind him of pretty much constantly... He updates our website and does a bit of everything - booking in stock and selling stuff... Arawn has been around bike shops a fair while and has had everything from DH bikes to BMX and road bikes so can help you out with anything from clothing and equipment advice to setting up your forks and shocks.

    Currently Rides: Specialized Enduro 650, Whyte 901.

    Loves: sheep

    Hates: Lunches that don't involve pies



    Matthew is one of the owners and helps out in the shop from time to time. He loves bikes and rides fast everywhere. If you ever come across a blinged out Santa Cruz out on the trails it’s probably him, have a chat and talk bikes - just don’t try and beat him downhill…or uphill.

    Currently Rides: Tricked out Santa Cruz Hightower LT with Santa Cruz Reserve wheels, Specialized Turbo Levo, Wilier Zero 7.

  • E-bikes - They're here to stay...

    Posted on December 7, 2016.

    I've been meaning to write about E-bikes for a while and with recent brand changes in the shop now seems a good time to do it!


    E-bikes have been around on the continent for a long time now, though the UK has been a little slower than other European countries in taking to them. Over the last couple of years and this year in particular, the E-bike market in the UK seems to have exploded - with all the big brands and many smaller ones and even some bike shed warriors making their own conversions.

    So, let's try and answer some common questions and misconceptions about E-bikes and who they are for...

    An E-bike, or electric bicycle is "a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used to aid propulsion." Current UK Legislation states that electric bicycles that have powered assistance to a maximum of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) using a motor of no more than 250 Watts (maximum continuous rated power output) are considered bicycles." This basically means that motors above 250W are considered a different type of vehicle and as such you may be required to be licenced, taxed, registered and insured to ride one on public roads...

    That's the legal stuff covered...

    Who are they for?

    Up until recently E-bikes have been considered by many to be the domain of the older cyclist, people carrying or living with injury or just plain cheats! Whilst that is true in many cases, we're seeing a shift in the type of people looking at E-bikes as a form of transport or "normal" bike. Yes, the bulk of E-bike sales are hybrids, but times are a-changing and with product innovation rampaging along there's more and more people taking up the E!

    Major automotive electrical manufacturers rule the roost in E-bike technology, with Bosch, Brose and Yamaha at the forefront. Shimano's Steps system is also popular and bound to give legendary Shimano simplicity and quality...With the backing of huge companies like these one thing is for sure, E-bikes are here to stay as none of these companies would invest so heavily in the tech otherwise!

    If any of you have ridden an E-bike then I'm pretty sure you'll know what I mean when I say they put a smile on your face! They are just plain fun to ride! That goes for hybrids, step throughs and mtbs alike, you can't help but smile when you ride one. I don't know if it's the novelty of having a helpful, quiet, smooth motor or the naughtiness of being helped along when I don't really need it (yet) ??? It just makes me smile!

    If you haven't ridden one yet definitely pop in to the shop and try one, out of inquisitiveness if nothing else, I guarantee you'll get it - and whether you want to or not you'll like it!

    There's an E-bike out there for everyone these days too, really smart looking hybrids from UK based Whyte Bikes, who also make some fast urban commuters too; E-MTBs are gaining popularity at a phenomenally fast rate and are not an uncommon sight out on the trails or at your local trail centre now also.

    We've sold a few Cube Mtbs with Bosch motors over the last couple of years and they are a great bike that's for sure, but with a switch to Specialized for us at Escape Bike Shop there's a new sheriff in town - the TURBO LEVO.



    Featuring a stealthy integrated battery and motor, classic Specialized FSR linkage and geometry, this bike was made from the ground up to appeal to the enthusiast, performance rider and boy does it work well.

    OH MY GOD! How much fun is this bike?! Why do I not have one? When can I have one?

    These are the questions you are going to be asking even after only a small ride in our car park or around our test track...

    Game changer! That is what this bike is, even more so than other E-bikes out there right now. this is going to be one of those bikes that in years to come we look back and say "remember when the Turbo Levo came out?"

    Intrigued? Why not Book a demo? Take one of our Specialized Turbo Levos out on a ride, hell bring a mate and they can go too - we've got 2!

    We're planning an E-bike only demo day too! So watch this space for a date in the not too distant future.

    It doesn't have to be like this:


    It can be all you want it to be...this:




    015242 41226







  • Workshop Offers. Get booking!

    Posted on November 22, 2016.

    Treat your bike to some tlc this winter to get your pride and joy feeling new again.


    Got this?                                                                  But want this beast?!

    screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-08-56-45   screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-08-59-35


    Ok, we can't quite do that, but we can give your bike a new lease of life with some Escape bike Shop workshop fettle. See below for our winter offers!

    Here at Escape we have you covered with some epic workshop deals running until the end of December that will get you and your trusty steed (and your wallet/purse) through this winter.

    To take advantage of these deals give us a call on 015242 41226 to book some time in our workshop. Be it road, hybrid, kids bikes or mtb, all bikes are welcome!

    "But I only have one bike" you say? Not to worry! Have a friend in the same situation? tell him / her of these super cool deals and organise it between you to bring your needy steeds in and you both enjoy the discount... happy days!

    Deals below!


  • We've been busy over the summer months in the shop and workshop selling and fettling bikes, but that's not all!

    We're always on the hunt for new and exciting products to grace the shelves so have been on the look out for new brands and keeping an eye on the exciting developments in the world of SRAM, Whyte and Santa Cruz too.

    sm_xg1299_cassette_gold_front_l g-160s img_2079


    EAGLE has landed - the first 12 speed mountain bike groupset is here. With a whopping 50t rear sprocket you're guaranteed to get up those hills! But it's not all about that low gear, with a wide range rear cassette you can increase your chainring size and top gear and have the best of both worlds. Eagle is in store ready for your next custom build or to upgrade your current steed...You'll also see Eagle on a whole host of 2017 bikes - like the T-130 carbon we have in store:)

    img_2159 img_2160img_2023

    So, 2017 Whyte bikes are here too, we've got shiny bikes galore including a whole load of the wicked T-130s and G160s ready to hit the trails or your first Enduro! Demo evening is on Wednesday 19th October - so call to book - 015242 41226. There'll be T-130, G-160, T-129 and 909 hardtails too. We'll crank up the fire pit and put some brews and snacks on to keep you fuelled before a lap of our demo loop.


    Our Santa Cruz Hightower is now festooned with a set of ENVE Composites M60 carbon 29er rims making it the nicest, fastest bike in the world ever (well almost). Choose your poison - 29er or 27+ - keep an eye out for a winter demo day soon!

    img_2079            IMG_1877            img_2092

    A new addition to the store is ION bike Clothing - ION is a brand run by passionate people, whose big love have always been watersports. ION's unique combination of stylish, feature loaded, high quality products have garnered a following far and wide.


    In late 2012, ION launched a bike division with functional cycling gear, clothing, accessories, gloves and protection to complement their watersport business and have since expanded the range and are becoming a MTB favourite for no nonsense good looking gear.

    We've started out with some key pieces in store, tech tees, SS Jerseys and some awesome gloves and pads. There'll be back packs and shorts to follow!

    Pop in to try and buy soon!

    Get yourself down to the shop for demos, new shiny bits and always great offers on clothing and parts!

    Talk to Paul for a custom build, riding, position and technical advice, Tom for servicing and workshop and see Arawn in store to get you sorted with a new bike, parts and accessories.

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